Puertecillo is a small port with charm, where the treatment is close and familiar.

We are still a family and that is what we want to transmit to you, that you will feel at home and that the seafood and fish that we offer you every day is bought and selected by ourselves, without intermediaries in order to guarantee the best quality and the best price.


“More than 20 years ago we were full of enthusiasm, we had full confidence in this project. group of 4 restaurants located in the most emblematic areas of Barcelona, surrounded by the monuments, activities and beauty that this magnificent city offers us, we can proudly say that we did not make a mistake in the direction we took.

Today we still have the same illusion, we like this feeling of being small on the outside but big on the inside, we are not a big chain but we are a big family and that makes us proud. We love to know that we are being talked about in different blogs and that the Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Latin communities among many others recommend us and put us on their culinary tourism lists.

Times have changed and we feel that we must renew ourselves, some might say that it is starting over, for us it is simply a way to return to our beginnings, to the essence, which is what makes us happy. In some book we read that “the old mollusk doesn’t die… it just changes shells…” we don’t remember where we saw it but the quote has stuck with us and it is exactly how we feel now.

PUERTECILLO comes from longing, those places full of charm, where fishermen come ashore with fresh fish and seafood, fresh from the water and you can enjoy sitting at a humble but clean table, surrounded by the smell of sea and salt, where from your first visit you are treated as if you belong to that paradise, where everyone knows their names, where the day you have to leave you think about when you will return, where you feel at home.

We want to be that place for our visitors

Without detracting from the imposing architecture of Barcelona, we would love you to remember that after visiting the Sagrada Familia you had a great meal at Puertecillo; that after seeing a fantastic play at the Apolo or visiting the Colón, the finishing touch was dinner at the Puertecillo in Paralelo; that you decided to go to eat at the Born and took the opportunity to stroll through the Market or simply that you ate at the Puertecillo in Sitges, to then enjoy the beach and crown the evening with a stroll through its charming streets.

We want to be your LITTLE PORT,
your refuge, your meeting place
with friends and family..."


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to us.

Puertecillo BORN
932 681 939
Comercial 7, 08003, Barcelona

934 500 191
Passatge de Simò 18, 08025, Barcelona

936 314 278
Av. Paral-lel 46, 08001, Barcelona

938 949 323
Sant Pere 24, 08870, Sitges


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