We are a family that started this project with great enthusiasm more than 20 years ago. We have dedicated ourselves to bring seafood to all kinds of public and share our love through this self-service system.

PUERTECILLO transports you to a charming place, where fishermen, generation after generation bring fresh fish and seafood every morning.



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Tamar Katz
Tamar Katz
Perfect food. Fish and seafood, all fresh. Friendly staff, excellent service with a lot of patience to explain the types of seafood. Every dish we ate was excellent, we were 9 days in Barcelona and of those 3 times we returned to eat there. Highly recommended. 
We order all of these at the price $78. Seafood are so fresh, the mussel with tomato seasoning is superb. Clams are juicy. Will definitely come again. It opens at 8pm but need to wait in a line so we got in around 8:30pm. Better decide what to order before you reach the order counter, or else if you wanna place additional order you’ll have to wait in the line again.
Robert Liang
Robert Liang
Very tasty. Just choose the species and quantity of the raw fresh seafood in the front counter and get a number to wait at a table, the rest is enjoying the delicious seafood cooked in their ways in minutes. The taste is over my expectations as a Chinese foodie. The price is pretty reasonable. Unforgettable experience in this Barcelona day trip.
Yuji Horimoto
Yuji Horimoto
Highly recommend you come here! Pick your seafood and the chefs will cook them in the kitchen. Everything was delicious and seafood in Spain is inexpensive compared to US in general, let alone NYC. Maybe the lobster was pricier then Maine but still delicious. Highly recommend the squid, cuttlefish, octopus, fish, and the shrimps. Pair with a nice Spanish lager or wine.
Tuncer Deniz
Tuncer Deniz
Super fun place where you can order fresh fish and seafood (some of it still moving) and they make it for you in minutes. You can order either grilled or fried. We opted for the prawns, oysters, and octopus which was all great. Ask for salt as they don’t cook with any salt. Wash it down with some local beer. It’s very rustic but very fun!
Deepak Rao
Deepak Rao
Awesome fresh seafood cooked to order. Fried white fish was delicious and not oily at all. Everything we got, shrimps, white fish, and others were all delicious. Very efficiently run place. Be there early to avoid long queues
Daniel F.
Daniel F.
This restaurant offers a great seafood experience. Guests select the products at the counter. The items of choice are either charged by the piece or by weight. You pay at the bar, take a seat and your dishes get prepared in the kitchen. Super fresh and tasty seafood 🦞🐟. A lively place with mainly local guests. Excellent value for money.
Aleksandr Priis
Aleksandr Priis
Perfect place for seafood lovers. Everything is fresh and tasty. Price is not that high like in other restaurants. For our vacation, we've been visited this place twice. And both of them was terrific. Staff is very friendly and helpful. 👍🤗


We keep the prices of our menu updated on our website. You can check it HERE. Remember that prices are by weight and per unit in some cases, and you decide the amount you want to eat.

You will find all our schedules updated on our Google profile and the tab of each restaurant on our website.

All our reservations are made through the following link: RESERVATIONS. First choose the restaurant where you want to make the reservation, then the date, the time and that’s it.

Puertecillo Born does not currently have a reservation system.

You can pay in cash or by credit or debit card.

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